how can i stay up to date with restock dates?
we post ALL UPDATES on our instagram page (@oddballcandles) and tiktok (@oddballnco)
if you are curious about a specific design, shoot us a message and we'll let you know if it will be restocked! some candles may be seasonal or discontinued
we don't have a mailing subscription list.

i have a problem with my order, what do i do?
if you have any issues, or even a simple question we didn't answer here, please do not hesitate to send us a contact form or instagram dm! we are always happy to help ((: if you send a contact form, please make sure your email is correct. we will also need your order number (four letters - six numbers found in your order confirmation email) to resolve any problems you may have.

do you ship internationally?

we ship to the US and Canada. Due to the long distance, costs, and issues with customs, we currently do not have plans to expand shipping to more countries ): we hope to revisit international shipping once we solve these problems. we appreciate the patience from our international friends!

do you ship to PO boxes?
heck yeah we do!

can i preorder a candle?
we only offer preorders once a year during the summer. we don't accept preorders for a couple reasons. mainly, we don't want to sell products we don't have. we are taken back by all the support we have received and we know so many people would like to get their hands on a specific candle. we feel the best way to keep it fair is to sell our candles on a first-come-first-serve basis on launch & restock days.

why are your candles sold out?
although we try our best to keep up with demand, we are still selling out of most candles the same day they launch. we understand this can be frustrating and we are doing everything we can to make more candles each launch. however, we are still a team of two doing everything for our growing business. 

we are beyond grateful for all the support and attention we have recieved! ((:

do you ship in the summer?
we don't ship or sell candles in the summer (except for one-time preorders.) we don't ship in the warmer months because our candles are likely to melt in transit /: 

do you make custom candles?
we do not make custom candles. we also don't change an existing design for an order (i.e. making a candle a different color, a jar with no label, etc.) our candles are made in batches of 100-150 at a time and they are finished and decorated completely prior to being sold unless otherwise stated (like preorders.)

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